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The Parantique's appearance.

Object Type: Sofa

Description: A large sofa that's brown in color. Laying on the sofa is 5 pillows, the middle pillow is striped while the rest appears to be decorated by a very complex form of art. The same goes for the rest of the sofa.

When a human proceeds to sit down on the sofa, the sofa will immediately begin to burst into flames and incinerate the person. On top of that, the victim's body temperature is increased to 65,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much hotter than that of being struck by lightning. Shortly after the victim has been killed, and only their skeleton is visible, a portal will form inside the couch and engulf the person like a black hole. When the sofa bursts into flames, neither the surroundings or the sofa itself is affected. How this happens is of course not known.

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