WRIGHT GS 218 (1)-1-

The chainsaw in it's normal state.

Object Type: Chainsaw

Description: An old mechanical power driven steel chainsaw, the object has appeared to undergo minor corrosion. On one side, the words "Wright Saw" can be seen.

The object was first brought to the public's attention when a violent incident occurred on April 28, 1987 by a group of 16 tourists who discovered the chainsaw at Lake Hillier in Western Australia by chance. When one of the tourists attempted to investigate the chainsaw more closely, the chainsaw unexpectedly turned itself on, began to levitate, and then began to lunge and effortlessly kill the 16 tourists.

Ten (10) tourists were vertically sliced in half from the head to the crotch area, three (3) tourists had their arms and legs severed and their torsos horizontally sliced in half, while the remaining three (3) tourists were killed by the chainsaw after having their torso, head, and limbs diagonally sliced and torn to shreds. None of the 16 tourists were able to survive the attack. Shortly after the incident, an investigation was held, however to this day, no traces of the tourists were found.

In 99% of cases, the chainsaw has always managed to successfully kill it's victim with just one slash. In 5% of cases, the victim has been harmed by the object but manages to survive, and in 2% of cases, the victim manages to get away unscathed. Those who are slashed by the chainsaw instantly died and they were also allowed no chance to escape.

When near the chainsaw, the chainsaw will begin to activate and will proceed to move at the speed of light towards the victim and slice him/her at light speed. until the victim dies and falls apart, at this point, the chainsaw will then deactivate and wait for another victim.

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