Object Type: Jewelry
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A photo of the Parantique in it's normal state.

Description: Fake bronze teeth containing a single hole on one side. Despite being bronze, the material that the teeth are made of have been mistaken for silver by many. Contact with a living human or animal is often excruciatingly painful.

When the jewelry comes into contact with a human or animal, the victim will begin to undergo severe hyperdontia in some of the most unusual places such as eyes, nose, internal organs, and even on the surface of skin. When it comes to animals though, the teeth eruption process tends to be slower, but tends to be twice as painful in animals than humans.

As more teeth begin to grow, the more pain the victim will experience. Teeth in the gums will begin to grow behind, or in front of one another, usually progressing down the throat and finally into the digestive system where they are exposed to the acids of the victim's stomach. During the tooth growth process, some teeth will begin to tear through tissue, thus allowing more room for more teeth to grow. Because of this, those who have grown teeth in the stomach have reported experiencing symptoms of Peptic ulcers.

How this jewelry causes this severe eruption of new teeth, remains a mystery.

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