Object Type: Computer

The Parantique in it's normal state.

Description: A laptop with a "QWERTY" keyboard, which is the most common modern day keyboard. The computer's exterior and interior consists of every features you would expect a normal laptop computer to hold, such as a keyboard, plastic case, battery, DVD/CD reader, motherboard, ETC.

The laptop itself is standing on four (4) extremely short legs, and the case covering the computer has a wood-like texture. After various tests to find out what the computer was made up, it was proven that the entire computer was made up of flesh, bone, muscle tissue, nerves, and various other features found in the human body.

Effects: This Parantique has been responsible for the many "Mysterious" mortalities of several humans. These deaths have been listed here.

Incident #1: Two individuals, male and female, shortly after being exposed to the computer were found lying in their closet with their heads fused together. (Dead)

Incident #2: A family consisting of a father, a mother, and 4 children were all found in the same room as the computer, found dead of suffocation. (Dead)

Incident #3: One office worker was found in his bathroom, appeared to be decapitated by blunt force. (Dead)

Incident #4: 15 individuals were all found in a basement seemingly decapitated by blunt force. (Dead)

Incident #5: 1 female individual was found in the bathroom of her own home with her face hideously distorted.

Incident #6: 2 individuals, both males, were found dead in their seat slumped in front of the Parantique computer. The cause of death is asphyxiation from an abundance of fleshy growth manifesting in the lungs and esophagi of both victims.

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